Best Movies to Develop your Child’s Emotional Quotient

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a critical skill to develop in your child from a young age. This is not an easy trait to master however, and it can be tricky to know how best to help your child develop their emotional quotient (EQ). Movies have been used as some of the most engaging resources to teach people about any topic and film is a fun and informative medium to help facilitate this in your child. Here are some of the best movies to watch with your child, which also help build emotional intelligence. 

  1. Up
    This animation centres around Carl and Ellie, a couple who meet when they are young and follows their journey into old age, depicting how the couple are forced to abandon their dream of going to ‘Paradise Falls.’ The movie addresses sensitive topics such as death, the passage of life and how characters navigate through these emotions. It also shows how different people view life through different perspectives.
    Carl's house is flying
  2. E.T
    The friendship between an alien stuck on earth and a young boy is the central theme of this movie. E.T highlights feelings of exclusion and being different, which lots of children experience at a young age. It focuses on the emotional awareness of the young boy, who befriends E.T and wants to help him go back home. The topic of divorce is also present in this movie, as audiences realise the impact that this can have on children.
    Extra-Terrestrial movie scene
  3. Harry Potter
    A favorite amongst children and adults alike, the Harry Potter books and series are filled with examples of Emotional Intelligence and show characters facing a vast range of emotions. Feelings of exclusion and marginalization are presented through Lupin being a werewolf and Hermione having non-magical parents, which alerts viewers of the need to accept people for their differences. Loss and grief are central themes, with the death of multiple beloved characters. The importance of family and friends is also front and center, through Harry’s relationship with the Weasley’s, Hermione, Hagrid and others, who are like family to him. Fans of Harry Potter have grown up with the characters and navigated these emotions along with the characters.
    Harry Potter Characters
  4. Dumbo
    This Disney classic is an obvious example of a popular children’s movie that does not shy away from emotions. Dumbo, the circus elephant, is the target of bullying and has also been separated from his mother. It alerts children to the very important topic of bullying and the experiences of those who are bullied, as well as touching on themes of isolation and sadness.
    Dumbo Elephant and Timothy Mouse
  5. Frozen
    Whilst a lot of people associate this movie with the song ‘Let It Go,’ Frozen does a great job of showcasing the strained relationship between two sisters. Anna wants to be closer to and spend more time with Elsa, but feels shut off by her older sister and the two grow apart over time. Furthermore, Elsa is unable to regulate her emotions and when she gets angry, she freezes the entire town. It demonstrates how the emotions of one person can impact others around them and the importance of being able to control your emotions and realise how one person’s reactions have a cumulative effect.
    Frozen Sisters emotional Hug

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